Built-in Wardrobe

release time:2023-01-11
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Built-in wardrobe is a wardrobe that is built into the wall when the house is being renovated. This means that the wardrobe is built into a hole cut in the wall. In this way, from the outside, the wardrobe is on the same plane as the wall, and in some places the built-in wardrobe is also referred to as an in-wall wardrobe.

Next, let Axcellent introduce you about the built-in wardrobe and its design principles in details.


The Design Principles of Built-in Wardrobe

Correctness of Dimensions

The specificity of the built-in wardrobe requires that the data embedded in the area must be accurate, and the standard measurement can effectively avoid errors in the design, ensuring that the custom-made wardrobe can be closely combined with the wall when it is placed, and that the dimensions match. This way the wardrobe doors can be opened more smoothly.



1. Although built-in wardrobes are limited in size and space, the functionality of the wardrobe should be fully considered. While we consider the aesthetics of the exterior, we should also effectively differentiate the internal layout of the wardrobe and set up the role of living storage. The internal layout of can be set up according to the needs of the user in terms of hanging areas, stacking areas, storage areas and bedding areas. 

2. Each partition can be divided into more details according to your needs and designed to be more humane. The arrangement of various wardrobe accessories should be designed in strict compliance with ergonomics, such as whether the design of the wardrobe dressing mirror is convenient, whether the hanging rod height is convenient for the user's use. All these factors should be taken into consideration when designing the built-in wardrobe.



1. The most important thing to consider when designing a built-in wardrobe is safety and stability as it will be embedding into the wall. Built-in wardrobes are designed to be embedded into the wall, so we should consider whether it affects the load-bearing wall, whether the back wall is close to other spaces and other careful and meticulous considerations in the design process.


2. It is the principle of home decoration that safety comes first, so we should ensure the safety and maximize the functionality of the wardrobe under the prerequisites without compromising the safety and load-bearing properties of the house according to the space structure.


Environmental Protection

If the formaldehyde content of the panels is too high, it will affect the indoor environment and bring harm to human health, so when you are choosing the panels for your built-in wardrobe, make sure you choose green panels that are environmentally friendly and healthy.



The focus of built-in wardrobe design should be on beauty and practicality, luxury but not extravagance, so that every penny is put to good use. The built-in wardrobe is designed to be practical and durable, so we can choose a design that is not too complicated and the necessary accessories to save cost.


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