What You Need to Know about Walk-in Wardrobes

release time:2023-01-13
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A walk-in wardrobe is a very popular way of decorating a bedroom these days. Now many families will choose a walk-in wardrobe when they are decorating their home. In this way, more clothes can be stored in the wardrobe and the space inside can be better planned. Should we choose a walk-in wardrobe or not?

Next, Axcellent will introduce you to the advantages and disadvantages of walk-in wardrobe and the key points for decoration.


What is A Walk-in Wardrobe?

Unlike a common wardrobe, a walk-in wardrobe has a separate space with ample storage. Because there are usually also dressing tables, mirrors, seats and other facilities in the walk-in wardrobe, which is much easier to use.


The Advantages of A Walk-in Wardrobe

1. More clothes can be stored.

Generally, compared to a common wardrobe, the space in a walk-in wardrobe is larger, and there is more space to store clothes. For a walk-in wardrobe, we just need to leave an aisle in the middle and the space on both sides can be made into storage wardrobes.


2. More functions.

In addition to more storage space, there will be chairs,dressing table, ironing board etc. in a walk-in wardrobe. This will make the walk-in wardrobe more functional and it’s more convenient when we use it.


3. Easy to transform.

The traditional wardrobe can easily be transformed into a walk-in wardrobe, or even add a dressing room.

4. A more natural integration into the bedroom lighting environment.

The walk-in wardrobe should also be reasonably arranged in terms of lighting and shades, so that it can be perfectly integrated into the overall style of the room. In terms of lighting design, it is best to use fluorescent lamps and other light sources close to natural light, so that the color of the clothes is close to normal.


5. Promote the overall design effect.

Each area, such as formal wear, casual wear and lounge wear area can be clearly distinguished. This allows the size of each section to be set precisely. And such rational planning can make the overall room decoration more regular and organized.


6. More reasonable classification.

Walk-in wardrobe has sufficient storage function, then we can store the clothes according to the different types of clothing, or different seasons, so that we can find the clothes we want fast and conveniently.


The Disadvantages of Walk-in Wardrobes

1. Internal air is not good.

Walk-in wardrobes are generally closed, so the quality of the air inside is not very good, and because there is little contact with sunlight, it is easy to get a musty smell inside. We must choose panel with high quality, otherwise the clothes will have a bad smell and affect the owner's body.


2. Take up space.

In general, a walk-in wardrobe will take up at least four square meters of space, and we need to leave space to walk around, which will take up too much space. Walk-in wardrobes are not suitable for some smaller households.


3. The price is higher than traditional one.

Walk-in wardrobe requires more materials, and it will match dressing table, dressing mirror and other functional equipment, so the overall cost will be higher than traditional wardrobe. For families on a tighter budget, there is still some pressure.


4. There may be poor lighting conditions.

Generally, walk-in wardrobe is a closed space, which will lead to the light is not enough. Therefore we need to use more lights when designing a walk-in wardrobe.


The Key Points of Walk-in Wardrobe Decoration

1. If the house is large, the master bedroom and bathroom can be connected to the walk-in wardrobe, allowing the function of the walk-in wardrobe to be greatly released.


2. For homes with spacious bathrooms, you can use the entrance to make a row of wardrobes and then set up a large dressing mirror to extend your vision and make your daily life more convenient and quick.


3.If it is an independent walk-in wardrobe, we need to design lighting, shades and other elements reasonably arranged, so that it is integrated into the overall style of the interior, but also to maintain a unique mood.


The above is a detailed introduction to walk-in wardrobes. For families with a larger household, you can still consider choosing a walk-in wardrobe, because it’s more convenient to store clothing and more functional; for families with a small space, it is not recommended to choose a walk-in wardrobe.

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