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What is full house customization? Take you to a comprehensive understanding of it

release time:2023-06-16
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If you don't want unchanging furniture, but rather furniture that is more in line with the decoration style, we suggest you choose full house customization. Full house customization ensures that your furniture and home style are unified, allowing for the rational use of every inch of space in the home. I believe many homeowners do not have a deep understanding of whole house customization. Let's talk about it below.

full house customization

Whole house customization is a comprehensive home solution that integrates home design, customization, and installation services. According to the personalized needs of consumers and the spatial characteristics of different families, various furniture with personalized sizes, patterns, exterior designs, and materials can be customized.

Full house customization currently includes:

Bedroom furniture: wardrobe, bedside table, dressing table, bed, footstool, tatami.

Kitchen furniture: cabinets, display cabinets, wine cabinets.

Entrance furniture: Entrance cabinets, shoe cabinets.

Living room furniture: background wall, TV cabinet.

Bathroom furniture: Integral bathroom cabinet.

Study furniture: desks, bookcases

What are the advantages of full house customization?

1. Professional designers design to make the overall decoration style more unified and ensure quality.

2. Customized according to customer needs, including colors, styles, and structures, with a variety of styles and personalized products that are not repetitive.

3. The overall style is consistent, unlike the demand for purchasing finished furniture, which can lead to excessive elements and messy styles.

4. Better utilization of space, such as customized U-shaped cabinets, which can flexibly avoid corner columns; If there is a staircase corner on the slope, it can be changed to a workshop or reading corner.

5. Ordering customized furniture based on design drawings can reduce wood waste. At the same time, environmental protection technology was adopted in the production process to minimize decoration pollution as much as possible.

bedroom customization

Purchase full house customization, focusing on four elements

1. Environmental protection of substrate

High quality whole house customization must be supported by high-quality and environmentally friendly substrates. A good whole house customized furniture must meet the standards of health and environmental protection, which means it must at least reach the national standard E1 level.

Furthermore, even if environmental standards are met, it is recommended to plan reasonably based on the storage needs of the home. Because even if the best composite materials are used in the same confined space, some toluene and other substances may exceed the standard due to accumulation, requiring certain treatment and purification.

2. Design quality

Whether a product can maximize space utilization and meet customer requirements depends on a good designer. Moreover, designers also need to understand the brand's own material supply, production line level, and installation process.

So it's important to choose the right brand, and it's also important to choose the right home customization designer. Some brand designers act quickly and have no understanding of the product, resulting in problems with the implementation of the product in the later stage.

3. Process and equipment quality

Different equipment and processes can maximize the advantages of sheet metal while also easily damaging it.

For example, cutting boards with poor cutting equipment can produce serrated edges. Even with edge sealing, the dark substrate will be exposed at the edges of the board, leaving unsightly jagged black lines. Especially evident in color schemes. Another example is that bad Hot-melt adhesive edge banding can leave glue lines, and the chamfering and polishing of edges and corners of edge banding belt can not be properly handled. A good laser edge banding machine can make the board and edge banding strip perfectly fit.Under the premise of similar processes, equipment largely determines the quality of the finished product.

4. Hardware accessory quality

Customized furniture, split style, mainly composed of cabinet body, cabinet door, hardware, accessories, and other parts. Therefore, hardware accessories are a key link in ensuring product quality. Good accessories not only ensure the stability and lifespan of customized furniture, but also better ensure safety.

For example, when selecting hinges, stainless steel hinges with damping should be selected, and the number of opening and closing times for qualified hinges should be around 100000. Of course, some good hinges can be opened and closed more than 500000 times.

The drawer rail shall also be made of stainless steel with damping. The reciprocating pushing and pulling speed shall be 1-15 times/minute, and the qualified rail pulling times shall be about 100000 times.

In addition, the load-bearing and functional styles of hinges used in cabinets with different functional purposes also need to be changed accordingly (such as thickening, two section rails, three section rails, etc.), including screw hinges for fixation. Choosing stainless steel is also necessary. It will not cause the hinge to fall off later due to screw corrosion.

Study furniture

Whole house customization has now been recognized and favored by consumers. It is closely related to choosing a customized brand for the entire house. Choosing a brand that suits oneself is very important. There are too many brands in the market, you must have a comprehensive understanding.

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