Rational Use of Wardrobe Storage Space

release time:2023-01-09
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Every family has a lot of wardrobes, which are used to place various kinds of clothes. Although the wardrobe is divided into many compartments for placing different clothes, but there are many people's wardrobes are still very messy, and there is no technique or rule for the placement of clothes. When they open the wardrobe, not only cannot they find the clothes, but also it looks very unattractive. Let Axcellent introduce you the wardrobe storage goodies and tips to organize your wardrobe.


1. Compartmentalized Drawer

If we do not properly store small objects like underwear and socks, not only is it inconvenient to find them, but also unhygienic. So we need to use compartmentalized storage cabinets for storage. It’s not only to protect underwear from deformation, but also save a lot of space and more convenient to take.


2. Jewelry Storage Drawer

Every man or woman will have jewelry. We can design a jewelry storage drawer in the wardrobe to store it. This is also convenient to match the clothes.


3. Tie Rack

There will be ties, a essential item, in every man's wardrobe, so how to store them? We can install a tie rack, so that ties are not easy to produce wrinkles and can be well preserved. It also makes it easier for you to choose the tie of different color and style at a glance.


4. Multifunctional Hangers

If the hanging space of the wardrobe is limited, we need to find ways to use the vertical space under the clothes rod. We can use the following multifunctional hangers, which can be hung horizontally or vertically. This is more space-saving than a separate hanger.

If you want to keep your home neat and tidy enough, it is recommended to try to choose hangers with uniform colors to make your wardrobe look more harmonious.


5. Z-type Trouser Rack

It’s convenient to pick up trouser by using this hanger, because it has good balance. There is no problem of falling down, and it will not make the trouser wrinkled. It will work better together with the pull-out trouser rack!


6. Pull-out Trouser Rack

Pull-out trouser rack is really an effective tool for storing trouser. It is also very convenient to use, and it is very neat when you fold it.


7. Side All Purpose Rack

Sometimes, the wardrobe will be very high, so it is not easy to get the clothes from the high hanging area. At this time, we need a convenient wardrobe accessories to help us more easily pick up clothes.


8. Corner Rotary Rack

It’s not convenient to take clothes in the corner of the wardrobe? We can use rotating hangers, which can store silk scarves, scarves, belts and other clothes. These accessories are used very frequently, if we hang them up, it is more convenient to take, and can also avoid the wrinkles.


9. Pull-out Basket

The space inside the wardrobe can be used, because the vertical space of wardrobe is often very wasteful. If the clothes are stacked too high, they will easily fall down when we touch them, so we can consider using the pull-out basket to put the clothes. We can also sort the clothes so that it will be more convenient to find them.


10. Storage Boxes

There will be some extra space inside the wardrobe used as flexible space, then we can add flexible storage boxes in these space according to your needs.

The advantage of the storage boxes is to be able to use every inch of the wardrobe to the maximum, which is very practical. But there are a few things to note about storage boxes, as follows:

① Storage boxes with handles are more suitable for top cabinets.

② Storage boxes with compartments can centrally classify socks, lingerie and small accessories to avoid clutter in an orderly manner.

③Flat storage boxes are suitable for under the bed.

④No matter what style of storage boxes you use, the size should be measured well. Be sure to carefully account for the size according to your own space.

⑤ Finally, the storage boxes also need to be labeled well to make it easy to find and store.


11. Interior Lighting

Sometimes the room is very dark, which is not conducive for us to find clothes, especially in the walk-in wardrobe, so we need to install some lights. In this way, in addition to convenience, it can also create a very warm feeling. This is a point that many people will ignore when decorating their wardrobe.


It’s very important to know some wardrobe storage skills for our life, which not only can make the clothes more neatly, and it will be more convenient and fast when we find clothes. Hope we can help you understand the wardrobe storage skills through the above introduction. Do you want to know more storage skills and how to maximize the wardrobe space? Axcellent can provide you with a satisfactory solution, contact us now!