How to Choose the Color of the Wardrobe

release time:2023-01-05
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Wardrobe is a high use rate of daily life furniture products, and the color and style of wardrobe is equally important. A suitable color to make yourself feel physically and mentally happy.

Wardrobe can increase the storage of clothes, and can make a small space becomes more clean and tidy. Then, what kind of wardrobe should we choose? Many people do not know much about this, for this reason, Axcellent will tell you the skills to choose the color of wardrobe.


Features of Popular Colors Wardrobe

1. Brown Wardrobe

Brown wardrobe gives people a very comfortable and warm feeling. Most people also like to choose brown clothes, hats, etc., and brown has always been the popular favorite color, which is very versatile. The brown wardrobe is easy to match with other furniture and exudes a stylish and lazy atmosphere in the bedroom.

The lazy coffee color brings the room the simple fashion sense of Parisian street, or with the rhythm of new Chinese style, or with the steady breath of American rustic. We try to choose a lighter brown color, which is easier to blend with different decoration styles and gives a warm and elegant visual impression.


2. White Wardrobe

When people choose the wardrobe color, most of them will choose a white color one, because the white wardrobe looks clean, to meet the depths of our hearts aspire to a ray of innocence, which mostly used in European style decoration. Most of the walls are also pure white, so that it is more coordinated with the white wardrobe, making the whole bedroom look casual without losing its modernity, elegant and stylish.

If you are torn about what color to choose for your closet because your room is relatively small, white is the best choice. It can give a visual effect of reducing weight, and the reduction of oppression of space.


3. Rosewood Wardrobe

Rosewood color is like the last century British jazz, steady in revealing the understated magnificence. A rosewood colored wardrobe placed in a corner of the bedroom will enchant in a sophisticated atmosphere. This color looks calm and atmospheric, so it is generally used in valuable furniture.


4. Gray Wardrobe

Gray is a color that will make people feel calm and down-to-earth. Warm color decoration with a gray wardrobe will make the space become quiet, but also will not have any sense of cold. For the the house with larger space, gray wardrobe can make the home become soft will also have a gentle texture.

Compared to dark color wardrobe, gray wardrobe shows rather low-profile elegance. Visually, gray can bring a good sense of harmony, and the overall sense of space is more coordinated, which can easily match with other furniture color in the room. It’s simple and durable. And it can also reflect the owner's unique taste.


Tips for Choosing the Color of the Wardrobe

1. According to the Function

We recommend choosing a light-colored wardrobe, because the color is too dark will make people depressed; and the color is too bright will cause visual fatigue, making people irritable, but also affect sleep.

Light colors help to relax the mood and calm the mind. It is recommended to use light colors, white, beige, pink jade and some other warm colors. At the same time, light colors are also popular in recent years, which are more suitable for the pursuit of fashionable young white-collar workers. For people under high pressure at work, they prefer to choose the color conducive to rest and sleep.


2. According to the Bedroom Decoration Style

Light-colored bedroom wardrobe is easy to match with the surrounding decoration. Although there are many changes in modern home decorating style, but from the perspective of most people, many families tend to pure white walls and simple solid wood furniture, so in the choice of wardrobe color, they do not use too personalized or fancy colors, whether it is a room for young people or for the elderly.

Soft furnishings need to be decided according to the decoration style. Different decorative styles directly affect the style of the wardrobe as well as the color. If the cabinet color selection is not appropriate, it not only cannot add decorative effect, and will look very abrupt, destroying the overall aesthetic.


3. According to the Indoor Lighting

Indoor lighting determines the range of colors of the wardrobe. We can choose a wide range of shades in well-lit space , both warm and cold tones.

But if there is not enough light in the room, in order to balance the visual perception, we recommend choosing light and simple tones and brighter colors, and avoid choosing too dark colors, which will give a feeling of shady, so we need to work on lighting to make up for the lack of light sources.


4. According to the Size of the Bedroom

There are warm and cold color tones of wardrobe, usually light colors for the expansion of color, dark colors for the contraction of color. Therefore, the choice of the color of the wardrobe and the size of the space is also closely related.

So for the small room, we can choose darker colors of cold tones, or simple and bright colors. The color system should not be too complicated. Simple and bright colors can create the feeling of expansion of the area, and give a sense of warmth.

For medium room, we should choose colorful warm tones, so that people have a sense of warmth.


5. According to the Age of the User

As people of different ages, their preferences and tastes will be very different.

For example, most of the young crowd prefers color full color, which looks very and vitality; and middle-aged people prefer mature and stable color, and will be more inclined to light elegant plain light color, and older people like the color close to the nature.

We can combine the age level of the functional area users and aesthetic preferences to decide the color of the wardrobe.


6. Coordinate with Ground Color

In the process of selecting the color of the wardrobe, many people tend to ignore the color of the floor. After the completion of the hard installation, the color of the floor will not be easily changed, so you can choose a neutral tone in the process of pre-decoration, to provide more space to choose the color of the wardrobe.

Light-colored furniture can be any combination with dark and light-colored closet, but we need to pay attention to the overall space lighting and the size of the area if dark-colored furniture is paired with a dark-colored closet, to avoid a sense of visual depression.


Tips on How to Choose the Color of High-end Wardrobe

1. The color of high-end wardrobe is not unique. For different families, their needs will be different, and the color of the high-end wardrobe will be different in this case. We can combine the preferences of the wardrobe users to choose the color of the wardrobe.


2. The location of the wardrobe, the size of the space and lighting and shape and other issues will have an impact on the color of wardrobe. Only to these situations are given attention to so that the space does not become congested, dull, etc., so that people have any uncomfortable feeling.


3. When choosing the color of the wardrobe, we need to give a clear consideration to various issues so that the overall feeling of the space can become better, but also make the home give a sense of high-end atmosphere. But we do not blindly listen to the opinions of others, which may affect the overall effect.


4. If we only pay attention to its color and ignore its practicality, this will affect its normal use, but also the practical effect of the space will become worse. If you have to redecorate later, it is not only a hassle but also a waste of time and money.


For what color wardrobe we should choose, and how to choose the color of the wardrobe, through the above text introduction, we think you should already know the answer. When making a wardrobe, we should match the overall home style and color, so that the effect will be better, and the selection of wardrobe color is also very important.

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