Advice on selecting kitchen counter-top

release time:2022-11-11
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In the daily use of the kitchen, the highest contact with the physical is the kitchen countertop, the usual bump or condiment dripping on the countertop, it is easy to cause damage to the countertop and bad care, so what kind of countertop is suitable for you, next by AXcellent to introduce you in detail.


Natural stone countertops      

Natural stone is commonly marble, granite, of which marble hardness is low, low strength, very unscratchable, generally do not do countertops, granite hardness, high strength, scratch-resistant, general natural stone countertops to granite material. Granite countertops low cost, wear-resistant and high temperature, not easy to deformation, good luster. But the disadvantages of natural materials also let you worry about the eyes.



1. Natural stone is porous material structure, the surface has many pores invisible to the naked eye, dirt, water stains are easy to seep in, so one or two years to do a closure to lock the pores.    

2. Natural material is not anti-corrosion, can not contact red wine, citric acid, vinegar, carbonated beverages and other objects, the usual highly corrosive cleaning agents can not contact the countertop.   

3. Stains need to be cleaned up as soon as possible, otherwise it is very difficult to remove completely.

4. Can not vigorously handle ingredients on the cutting board, or the countertop is easy to scratch and crack.


Artificial stone countertops

Here the artificial stone countertops mainly refers to acrylic or composite acrylic countertops, such countertops in previous years more popular. Artificial stone countertop combines the natural texture and solid texture of marble countertops, the stone is more delicate, more colorful, more wear-resistant and acid-resistant, more resistant to pressure and penetration.




1. Artificial stone countertops are more expensive.      

2. Not scratch-resistant, hardness is not as high as natural stone countertops.

3. Antibacterial, environmental protection function is not ideal.

Quartz stone countertops

Quartz stone countertops are malleable, combining high hardness, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, oil resistance, pressure resistance, no radiation and so on, in terms of hardness, high temperature resistance, stain penetration, etc. are better than artificial stone countertops, become the mainstream of choice.


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Stainless steel countertops      

Stainless steel countertops are said to be the easiest countertop to clean, it is strong, durable, inexpensive, and antibacterial, commonly used in the back of the restaurant kitchen. But accordingly less suitable for home kitchen.



1. Poor wear resistance, easy to leave scratches.   

2. Not heat-resistant, long-term heat will be deformed drums, somewhere will be a sound.    

3. Low value, single color, metal texture gives people a cold feeling.     

4. The corner parts and joints are lack of reasonable treatment, easy to be injured.


Solid wood countertop      

Solid wood countertops look fresh and natural, you can also concave a variety of shapes, full of literary style, so that the face of the control can not help but love. But from the perspective of the practical kitchen is not optimistic.



1. Whether the whole solid wood or spliced solid wood are susceptible to temperature and humidity, deformation and even cracking, once cracked, it will hide dirt and dirt, difficult to clean.

2. Solid wood avoid open fire, hot pots and pans can not be put up, once you want to install solid wood countertops, you have to change the cooking habits, switch to medium heat or induction cooker.

3. Countertops are easy to leave scratches, and often contact with water and oil stains are easy to mold and black.


Rock slab countertop      

Rock slab material is a high-tech artificial material, extruded from natural stone and inorganic clay, and fired by a fully automatic closed computer-controlled temperature roller kiln to make a kind of ceramic thin plate.


Although only 3mm thick, but it is a set of thousands of advantages in one, strong and durable, not afraid of scratches, not afraid of open flame high temperature, easy to clean, antibacterial index exploded, and even directly on the top can cut vegetables, almost no maintenance.


AXcellent shopping tips

 From the practicality point of view, quartz stone countertops and rock slab countertops are the best choices. In case of sufficient budget, it is recommended to choose slate countertops once and for all.


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