Five reasons to choose whole house customization

release time:2022-09-27
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As people's requirements for decoration are getting higher and higher, the personalized needs of the decoration is difficult to meet, the whole house customization is gradually appearing in people's vision, many people struggle with furniture in the end is directly buy finished products or whole house customization? Of course, the whole house is customized, why? The following gives you five reasons to choose the whole house customization.


The whole house customization not only can fully rational use of space, the design is also quite humane, so everyone has chosen.

High size matching

When the whole house is customized, the furniture size is also tailor-made and unique, so the furniture is able to match higher when matching the interior.


If you buy the finished furniture, subject to the limitations of the finished furniture factory uniform production, inevitably in the length and width of the height of the situation will not fit.


The whole house furniture is a perfect fit for the size of your home and can be the most comfortable and considerate in terms of space utilization in your living room.AXcellen offers free design solutions, click on the link to tell us your needs(

Diversified selection of styles

In the pursuit of personalization, the market for custom furniture, there are a variety


of styles and themes of customization.

Many custom styles are at your disposal, specifically Chinese, English, French, American, Japanese, Scandinavian and almost all other home styles are among the customizable at the moment.Our custom cabinets can meet the needs of different styles and personalization, click the link to see more product details:

Diversified product design

Custom furniture can not only meet the individual aesthetic needs of consumers, but also more personalized functions.


In a custom wardrobe, for example,our custom closet series. all clothes and accessories,


including clothes, pants, skirts, hats, socks, belts, ties, etc., can have exclusive storage space so that they not only look neat but are also easy to access.

Compared to the traditional finished home, the whole house custom home space is more livable and comfortable, and can better meet the various personalized needs of consumers.

Maximize space utilization

Compared to finished furniture, the biggest advantage of custom home products is the efficient use of space.


For the custom home, not only can make the regular use of space more efficient, for


some of the original difficult to be used space can also be "transformed into magic".

The whole house customization brand has a professional customization team, can be customized according to consumers' personal preferences and needs, but also according to the house space according to local conditions, elaborate design, ergonomics as a benchmark through the scientific and functional division of space, so that every inch of space can be used to the fullest, wholeheartedly for consumers to create a livable life.


Compliant with environmental standards

Environmental protection has always been a hot topic in the home improvement industry, but also the most concerned about consumers, we are increasingly demanding environmental protection of the home environment, everyone is in pursuit of green, healthy, environmentally friendly, low formaldehyde.


AxcellentGroup is extremely demanding on environmental protection, and the materials and products used meet the national environmental protection standards, so that consumers can buy and live with peace of mind.

In a nutshell, The advantages of whole-house customization is not only reflected in the entire home environment can be unified and coordinated beautiful, more importantly, the whole house can be customized according to their own needs to create their favorite style and style, and the choice of size is also very free, you can choose the right size according to the actual size of the home and the placement of furniture to customize, to maximize the overall demand, to show the individual style.