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Main Product

Kitchen Cabinet

Material introduction

Lacquer kitchen cabinet

The lacquer board cabinet adopts a kind of density board with lacquer board as the base material, and its surface is spray-baked at high temperature. The lacquered board is characterized by bright color, easy to shape, strong visual impact, very stylish, excellent waterproof, strong anti-fouling ability, and easy to clean. A variety of lacquer colors are available, showing a more delicate and soft texture and sense. The textured color scheme matches the warm wood. The table-board is made of high-gloss white marble plate with high surface finish. The lacquered door panel is rich in shape, without any lacquer block protrusions on the surface, and the color is uniform. Build the rhythm of space cool and warm balance. Custom Painted Kitchen Cabinets, rational use of space. 

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Company Profile


Foshan Axcellent Industry Co.LTD. has more than 18 years experience specialized in whole house customization manufacturing such as Kitchen cabinets, Bathroom cabinets, Wardrobe, Walk in closet, TV cabinet, Tatami cupboard, Door, Wine rack, etc. We provide different sorts of kitchen cabinets such as Melamine Door kitchen cabinets, PVC Door kitchen cabinets , Wood Veneer Door kitchen cabinets, Lacquer Door kitchen cabinets, Solid Wood Door kitchen cabinets, etc. Whether for a new home construction project, or kitchen cabinet prefab, or remodel, our company has what you are looking for at a price you can afford with quality products. Meanwhile, we provide all kinds of customized cabinets such as bathroom vanity cabinets, wardrobe, wood PVC window blind shutter, wood louver, ect .

 One- stop solution for your house. Save Your Time, Save Your Cost !

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