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Axcellent PET/PVC custom cabinetry is the glue that brings products and solutions into a single cohesive environment, with PET/PVC special materials providing solutions for every space in the kitchen. PET/PVC panels are strong and easy to secondary process, and can be sawn, drilled and planed. The processed appearance of the board surface is smooth and flat, without bubbles and cracks, and the light transmission rate can reach more than 73%. PET/PVC panels are highly stable, wear-resistant, weather-resistant and insulating, which greatly improves the service life of the kitchen. Customized PET/PVC cabinets are designed with double one-piece cabinets to improve space utilization and save space while ensuring the neatness of the kitchen. The flexible and reasonable design of the movement line, cooking will not be fumbling. Axcellent custom cabinet series are made of good materials, good quality, high solidity and stable quality. We strive to create a custom kitchen that will satisfy our customers.

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Foshan Axcellent Industry Co.LTD. has more than 18 years experience specialized in whole house customization manufacturing such as Kitchen cabinets, Bathroom cabinets, Wardrobe, Walk in closet, TV cabinet, Tatami cupboard, Door, Wine rack, etc. We provide different sorts of kitchen cabinets such as Melamine Door kitchen cabinets, PVC Door kitchen cabinets , Wood Veneer Door kitchen cabinets, Lacquer Door kitchen cabinets, Solid Wood Door kitchen cabinets, etc. Whether for a new home construction project, or kitchen cabinet prefab, or remodel, our company has what you are looking for at a price you can afford with quality products. Meanwhile, we provide all kinds of customized cabinets such as bathroom vanity cabinets, wardrobe, wood PVC window blind shutter, wood louver, ect .

 One- stop solution for your house. Save Your Time, Save Your Cost !

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